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hArdgour is a great location for a cycling enthusiast or just someone who enjoys a gentle peddle with a wide variety of road cycling, forestry tracks or mountain trails that caters for all abilities.

Road Cycling

From the busier A roads leading down the Ardnamurchan peninsula to the quiet B roads meandering round Loch Eil, you will always be guaranteed stunning scenery, breathtaking views and the comfort of never being too far from the next village and rest stop.

Forestry Tracks

There is an interlinking network of signposted forestry tracks throughout the estate. Some of these tracks are mildly challenging with hilly climbs and interesting sights. One can gain a sense of adventure and spot different wildlife with ease.

Mountain Biking

Throughout the main glens there are plenty of tracks, some of which are little more than animal trails, which provide an alternative and (at times) challenging range of routes to explore the wilderness.

If you staying with us we can arrange to have Bikes hired locally dropped off ready and waiting for you at your cottage Cuil moss.