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What We Do

Our aim is to reach the highest standard of Green Tourism. We are continually evolving to meet those aims.

  1. We recycle as many items as we can , we have bins for the following recyclable materials on site Glass, paper, tin, plastic.
  2. We try to compost all peelings and non-cooked food waste we provide a caddy in the cottage.
  3. We use earth friendly cleaning products and only provide eco toiletries.
  4. We discourage the use of plastic bags or at least the recycling of plastic bags.
  5. We encourage the use of public transport and the bicycle – we provide bus timetables and public transport information.
  6. We supply information on bike hire and good safe bike storage at the cottage.
  7. We fit only energy saving light bulbs. Have achieved an EXCLELLENT co2 rating.
  8. The cottage is fully insulated and double glazed, and meets the latest standards for insulation.
  9. We provide a no smoking environment.
  10. We encourage use of local suppliers – within the cottage we supply sustainable venison and cheese.
  11. Our appliances, washing machines, fridges, freezers, hoovers, dishwashers, ovens etc.  are nearly all  A and A+ rated.
  12. The cottage is heated with a sustainable air source heat pump.
  13. Cottage offers maps and guides, as well as a set of binoculars and identification books on wildlife, birds, flora and fauna.