Landscape & Wildlife Photography

Rugged mountains, remote glens, dramatic coastlines, gorgeous beaches, seawater and freshwater lochs, heather moorland and ancient woodlands. A landscape bathed in stunning light during the daytime and sitting under millions of stars at night. This makes Ardgour a photographer’s paradise.

Do you want to capture some of the beauty of the landscape in Ardgour and beyond?  Then why not have local landscape photographer, Steven Marshall help you with Photo Location Guiding – find yourself in some incredible locations when the conditions are just such that you get the best shots you can!

Landscape photography of sunsets in Ardgour

Alternatively make even more out of your experience  – Steven offers the following to beginner and intermediate photographers:

• Photography Workshops for Beginners

If you’ve just got a new camera and are not sure how to use it, or if you’ve had one a little while but would like to take better photos, then why not take some time to learn how to get the most out of it? Steven offers one-to-one sessions that can help you with this that cover the following:

  • Going through the basic settings and controls of your camera to be clear on how it works
  • Simple rules of composition to make your photos more dramatic and aesthetically pleasing
  • Setting aperture, exposure time and ISO setting to control the brightness, focus and motion blur in your photos

These sessions end with some time to practice your new skills by photographing the stunning scenery we have in the area.

• Landscape Photography for Intermediates

Are you already familiar with how your camera works, but do you want to learn something new?

  • Long exposure photography – learn how to pick the right weather conditions, choose a good composition, initially expose your image, add the correct filters and adjust your exposure and finally take the shot.
  • Night Sky Photography – learn about the night sky and the photographic opportunities that exist; learn how to focus and compose your shot in the dark; and learn how set the correct ISO and exposure time to capture as much light as possible.
  • Time-lapse Videos – learn about basic time-lapse gear; how to pick a suitable subject/composition; and how to decide on the shooting interval and set the correct exposure.
Dark Sky Photography over Loch Linnhe

If you want to find out more or book a session during your stay then visit Steven’s website