Scottish WildCats

There may be only 35 pure Scottish wildcats remaining….

With so few genetically pure specimens remaining, each wildcat faces a near impossible task of finding a mate in order to produce the next generation.

To put their plight in perspective, there are over 1,000 giant pandas, 3,000 tigers, and 20,000 polar bears in the world.

The Scottish wildcat has adapted to its surroundings over millions of years. They are unquestionably the living embodiment of the wild, untameable Highland landscape, and yet we face losing them to apathy, indecision and lack of direct action where it matters.

We are proud to be supporting the conservation work of the Wildcat Haven here on Ardgour Estate, we hope you will too.

There are 25 Camera Traps set up, and we look forward to sharing the footage with you.

Scottish Wildcat