Deer Stalking in the Highlands

Ardgour has two species of deer in residence, Roe Deer which inhabit the forests and woodland and tend to be active at dusk and dawn, and the famous Red Deer, living mainly on the hills during the summer, and coming down during the colder months to forage at sea level.

The chances are you will see Red Deer, be it groups of hinds (female deer) and calves, or the mighty Red Stags, with their massive antlers giving them the world renown they deserve. Enjoy a bespoke Wildlife Tour and you will be sure of an encounter.

The deer population is managed under strict coherence with the national guidelines, with the emphasis being on maintaining the quality and health of the population, and ensuring the herd does not outgrow the environment.

The estate currently lets out the deer stalking to a neighbouring estate, who ensure the majority of the deer management, we keep a small number for friends and family and ourselves.